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Wendy is the deuteragonist and Bob's business partner who runs the office and keeps the business in order, and often organizes tools and equipment. She is also seen doing construction work in many episodes. Wendy is often worried about Bob's cat, Pilchard, as shown in the episode Pilchard In A Pickle and in the song Find That Cat. Wendy was first voiced by Lorelei King, Kate Harbour, and then by June Whitefield.


Wendy is a very good worker, as noted by Bob. She handles a lot of other work while Bob handles building. She has shown to excel in craft-based jobs, such as putting up wallpaper or designing things.

She is also very kind and often concerned over Pilchard, as shown multiple times during the series.

Wendy can also be sometimes stubborn when it comes to doing things herself. She'll claim she can handle doing the work, despite how badly it may be going until she finally realizes she needs help and can't do everything by herself.

It can be shown in a few episodes and the movie A Christmas To Remember that she might have a crush on Bob


Wendy is a fair-skinned adult woman with long yellow hair often-always worn in a ponytail held with a scrunchie. She always has a pair of earrings on too. She has plain black eyes and a small nose. Her earrings and scrunchie are normally red, but have also appeared to be white, green, pink and blue.

Often when doing work, Wendy will be seen wearing a green shirt, jeans, and tan-brown shoes. Her construction worker hat is a pretty shade of blue.

Sometimes Wendy can be seen in purple, yellow, red, pink, or blue attire.

Other OutfitsEdit

  • A red dress, Blue shirt and a checkered Jacket with brown shoes (also seen in blue)
  • Greeen bib overall
  • At the end Of the Knights Of Fix-A-Lot she was dressed like a princess with a red crown, a red gown and a yellow cape
  • A cowgirl (Sevral times)
  • Elf
  • A dress at parties
  • Excersise attire
  • Red and white dress
  • Spy
  • Princess (Halloween costume and midieval reanactment costume Most popular costume)
  • Ski Uniform
  • Green Winter Coat
  • Pajamas
  • Raincoat
  • Sweaters
  • Green and blue beach dress
  • Pink beach dress
  • Gray Winter Coat
  • Blue Winter Vest
  • Green Vest
  • Blue Winter Coat
  • Red Dress with white stripes
  • Nurse
  • Pilgrim


Wendy has appeared in every episode in the series except for the Season 8 episode, Racing Muck and all-releated specials.