Weasel River Guy
Weasel River Guy
Some men climb mountains simply "because they are there." Some men fight a hundred weasels in an aqueduct simply "because I'm pretty sure I could take them."



Fighting hordes of killer weasels while waist-deep in water

Term of Service

September, 1956

Battle Status

Will fight El Fua

During the 1950's and 60's, magazines called "Stag Mags" were published featuring "real life" stories of macho men and their adventures. A recurring theme in these stories and their notorious cover artwork was men testing their wits and strength against wild animals. One of the most famous is, for lack of a better name, Weasel River Guy.

While the story may have been forgotten, the cover is truly eye-catching. A man is standing waist-deep in a river while hundreds of angry weasels swarm him from all sides. Undettered by their attacks, Weasel River Guy actually tears one of the weasels off him and begins using it as a club to beat back its brethren.


Weapons Weasel clubs
Powers His manliness