Eating bugs, having fun with his friend pumba, helping simba save the pride lands.

Term of service


Battle status

On hold against King Julien

Timon is the meerkat from the lion king. He left his family burrow and went off top find a place he could find home. He met a warthog called pumba and they quickly become fast friends. They soon found a forrest hevean and live thier peacfully untill they find simba. They save him from vultures and raise him to adulthood. He later goes to help simba retake pride rock despite his orginal disagreement. He dose a hula dance with pumba to distract the hyeans and are thier to see simba be crowned king of pride rock. He and pumba later act as babysitters to kiara but ultimatly fail.

Battle vs. King Julien (by Wassboss)Edit