Thomas the Tank Engine
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Victorious over Barney the Dinosaur

Thomas the Tank Engine is a popular childeren's show icon who first appeared in the Railwood book series. In the series, he is a very cheeky character, which often gets him in trouble. As the series progresses, however, he matures.

Battle vs. Barney the Dinosaur (by Samurai234)Edit

Thomas is chugging across the Island pulling his coachs Annie and Clarabel. He is tired and is heading back to the sheds to relax after a hard day of work. Unaware to him, Barney the Dinosaur is watching him. Jelous of Thomas' popularity, he decides to kill him. He hides in a bush and waits for Thomas to pass by. As soon as Thomas passes by, he jumps on Clarabel and starts climbing to Thomas. He tries to dump a bucket full of dirty water into Thomas' water holder, but Thomas comes to a sharp turn, causing Barney to fall off. Suddenly, the purple dinosaur sees a group of left over frieght car up a hill. He runs up to and pushes them down the hill. However, the cars are on another track from Thomas and misses him. Barney sees a swicth track and sees that one of them leads to a rocky land. Barney runs in the singnal box, knocks out the signal man, and swicthes the points. Barney gets out and begin dancing in victory. Unaware to him, The points changed to the track that Barney is on. Thomas blows his whistle to warn him, but it's too late. "Cinders and Ashes!" yelled Thomas as he ran Barney over, decapitating him. Thomas decides not to mention this again, and countines on his path.