The Bullies
The bullies


Bulling the student of springfield elementery.

Term of service


Battle status

On hold against The Eds.


The bullies are a group of three bullies from spring field elementary they are;


Dolph is the questist of the group, who rarely speaks. He is jewisha and can speak many different launguges including Germa, spanish and klingon. He is 17 years old and has two dads, a mom and a sister.


Kearny is the biggest, toughest and ugliest bullies. He is also the oldest being 23 years old. He has some called kearny Jr. He was in school with otto but the school apparently can't teach him.


Jimbo is the leader of the bullies and a reconised bad boy. He his mom is a prostitute and his dad is an raging alcoholic but jimbo can be very sophisticated and intelligent. He likes to smoke and drink and is a strong christian.

Battle vs. The Eds (by Wassboss)Edit