The Three Stooges


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"B-A-bay, B-E-bee, B-I-bicky-bi, B-O bo, bicky-bi bo, B-U bu, bicky bi bo bu. C-A-cay, C-E-cee, C-I-cicky-ci, C-O co, cicky-ci co, C-U cu, cicky ci co cu. D-A-day, D-E-dee, D-I-dicky-di, D-O do, dicky-di do, D-U du, dicky di do du. F-A-fay, F-E-fee, F-I-ficky-fi, F-O fo, Ficky-fi fo, F-U fu, ficky fi fo fu. G-A-gay, G-E-gee, G-I-gicky-gi, G-O go, Gicky-gi go, G-U gu, gicky gi go gu. (Dah-Dah-dah-dah ) H-A-hay, H-E-hee, H-I-hicky-hi, H-O ho, hicky-hi ho, H-U hu, hicky hi ho hu. J-A-jay, J-E-jee, J-I-jicky-ji, J-O jo, Jicky-ji jo, J-U ju, jicky ji jo ju. K-A-kay, K-E-kee, K-I-kicky-ki, K-O ko, Kicky-ki ko, K-U ku, kicky ki ko ku. L-A-lay, L-E-lee, L-I-licky-li, L-O lo, Licky-li lo, L-U lu, Curly's a dope M-A-may, M-E-mee, M-I-micky-mi, M-O mo, Micky-mi mo, M-U mu, micky mi mo mu."

(The Swinging the Alphabet Song, from Violent Is the Word for Curly.)

The three stooges were a popular comedy group from the 20's-70's.

The group was formed in 1925 as a vaudeville act called "Ted Healy and His Stooges." The group originally consisted of Ted Healy and brothers Shemp and Moe Howard, but they were joined later that year by violinist-comedian Larry Fine, and Fred Sanborn.

In 1930, Ted Healy and His Stooges appeared in their first Hollywood feature film, Soup to Nuts. Even though it was not a success, the stooges's was well recieved and FOX offered the trio a contract minus Healy. Healy was enraged by this and tried to stop this, but this led to the stooges leaving him. Angered by Healy's constanst complaining, Shemp left the group. He was replaced by younger brother Curly Howard. Through out the years, The Stooges countined their slap stick antics and misadventures, replacing members when they died or left. The stooges' carrer ended in 1975 after Moe's death.


Many people were members of the stooges, but these were the most well known.

Moe Howard: Moe was the leader of the Stooges in the Shorts. He was the middle child of the Howard brothers. (Shemp was the oldest and Curly was the youngest) In the shorts, Moe was the serious guy who often slapped the other stooges when they messed up. Moe died on May 4, 1975 of lung cancer.

Curly Howard: Curly was the youngest of the Howard brothers. Curly was the silly goofy man, and was known for his vovcalizations ("nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!","woo-woo-woo!", and barking like a dog). After suffering a stroke in 1946, Curly was replaced by Shemp. Curly died on January 18, 1952 of a massive cerebral.

Larry Fine: Larry fine joined "Ted Healy and His Stooges" before becoming one of the main stooges. In the shorts, Larry was the straight man. In January 1970, Larry suffered a stroke, which left him paralized. Actor Emil Sitka filled in for him. Larry died on January 24, 1975 after suffering more strokes.