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The Three Caballeros


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"We're three caballeros Three gay caballeros They say we are birds of a feather We're happy amigos No matter where he goes The one, two, and three goes We're always together We're three happy chappies With snappy serapes You'll find us beneath our sombreros We're brave and we'll stay so We're bright as a peso Who says so? We say so! The three caballeros Ahhhh! We have the stars to guide us Guitars here beside us To play as we go We sing and we samba We shout 'aye caramba! What means aya caramba? Oh yes, I don't know! Through fair or stormy weather We stand close together Like books on the shelf And pals though we may be When some latin baby Says yes, no, or maybe Each man is for himself! Jalisco no te rajes Me sale del alma Gritar con color Abrir todo el pecho Pa echar este grito Que linddo es jalisco Palabra de honor!"

(The Three Caballeros Theme)

The Three Caballeros are a group featured in the Disney movie of the same name.

In the film, Donald Duck recieves gifts from Mexico and meets up with José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles. The two take Donald on a trip to Latin America, from Baia to Mexico.

They also appeared in Disney's House of Mouse.


Donald Duck: In the film, Donald finds presents from his pals in Latin America, the first of which are home movies. Afterward, he finds José Carioca, who takes him to Baia, where he falls in love with a cookie saleswoman played by Aurora Miranda. Afterwards, the two then meet Panchito Pistoles, who takes them across Mexico, where Donald repeatily starts falling for the girls, even having a hallucination involving women.

José Carioca: José Carioca is a parrot from Brazil. He meets Donald in the film Saludos Amigos where he showed Donald Brazil. In The Three Caballeros, he shows Donald Baia and, along with Donald, go on Panchito's tour of Mexico. He has an umbrella and also smokes a cigar.

Panchito Pistoles: Panchito Pistoles is a rooster who appeared in Three Caballeros. He meets Donald and José and shows them Mexico's history and culture. He also yells loudly and shoots guns.