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On hold agaisnt the Little Einsteins

The PAW Patrol is the special team from a Nick Jr. TV show, PAW Patrol.


  • Ryder: A ten-year old boy who is a computer tech-wiz. He also leads the team.
  • Marshall: The clumsy, but big-hearted Dalmatian with the skills of a fire-pup.
  • Rubble: The gruff-looking, but sweet and athletic Bulldog with the skills of a construction-pup.
  • Rocky: The hydrophobic, but enthusiastic and resourceful mixed breed with Eco skills.
  • Skye: The graceful, cute, and smart Cockapoo with the skills.
  • Zuma: The water and laughter-loving Chocolate Lab with swimming skills.
  • Chase: The mature and serious German Sheperd with the skills of a police dog.
  • Everest: The hyperactive Husky who's ready to go, ice or snow!


Category Weapon
Ryder's Weapon Pup-Pad
Chase's Weapon Megaphone
Everest's Weapon Grappling Hook
Marshall's Weapon Firehose
Rocky's Weapon Claw & Glue
Rubble's Weapon Drill
Skye's Weapon Jetpack
Zuma's Weapon Scuba Gear
Vehicle ATV

PAW Patrol vs. Little Einsteins (by MatthewJabezNazarioI)Edit


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