The Kanker sisters
Kanker sisters


Harassing the eds

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Battle Status

On hold against Shenzi, Banzai and Ed

The Kanker sisters are a group of Girls from ed edd and eddy who like to bully and harass all that get in their way especily the eds. They like to kiss the eds which they don't enjoy


Lee KankerEdit

Lee is the tallest kanker sister and also the leader. She has ginger hair which covers her eyes and you rarley see them. She is the kanker sister who harasses eddy as they are both the leaders of thier respective groups. She is the oldest of the three.

Marie KankerEdit

Marie is the second tallest kanker and the middle child. She has blue hair and is the most aggressive of the three. She likes to harass double d but her reasons for this are unknown.

May kankerEdit

May is the youngest and shortest of the three kankers and is also the stupidest with her stupidity rivaling eds. For this reason she likes to harass ed. She has blonde hair and is often bullied by her older sisters.

Battle vs. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed (by Wassboss)Edit