Ika musume manga vol1 cover
Squid Girl


Working as a waitress.

Term of Service


Combat status

Will fight Squidward as Captain Magma.

A girl who comes from the ocean with plans to invade humanity as punishment for the pollution done to the sea. However, after causing damage to a beach house which she planned to use as a base, she is forced to work as a waitress to pay for the damages and also sleeps at the Aizawa residence. Like a squid, she has ten fully controllable blue tentacles that protrude from the top of her head like hair and can spew squid ink from her mouth. She also possesses numerous abilities from various breeds of squid, such as glowing, moving the little flaps on her hat or changing her weight at will in order to better control her tentacles to do stuff like deliver a powerful smack, wrap them around a foe and throw them into the air, carry many plates, and draw well. According to her, she will die if she takes her hat off, which is made apparent when trying to force it off causes her life to flash before her eyes.

She enjoys shrimp and greatly fears natural predators like killer whales (to the point that even swimming floats shaped like killer whales terrify her). Although generally immature and often getting herself into mischief, she is a fast learner, able to master complex things such as math and other languages in a short period of time (although this does not change that fact that many of the other characters are smarter than her). In the English dub, she incorporates various squid-based puns into her dialogue.