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The springfield elemtary kids are characters in the hit t.v show the simpsons


Bart simpson

Bart simpson is a rebellious skater who enjoys pranking the many residents of springfield. He is a very popular kid and enjoys skateboarding and is very skilled at it. His natural hair colur is red but he dyed it blonde after being called rusty at school. Is the eldest simpson kid and best friends with milhouse who he constantly abuses and hurts.


Milhouse is a nieve and unpopular preson. He is classed as a nerd despite being of average intelligence and is clumsy around girls. He is one of the few springfield residents to have eye brows and he has blue hair. His best friend is bart but he is often teased and bullied by him but for some reason he still stays his friend. He likes watching icthy and scrathy and has a blanket.

Ralph wiggum

Ralph is an imaginative, happy-go-lucky boy. He is mentally challenged after his farther dropped him on a head when he was a baby. He is often confused by the world around him and often wonders where the sun giose when you close the curtens. His dad is a cop and a bad one at that often putting ralph in dangerouse or difficult situations. Despite this he can be intelligent and passionate at the same time even convincing the repulican and democratic parties to joing forces.


Janey is kinda a background character. She is sometimes hwon to be a friend of lisa's but most of the time bullies her as well. She likes malibu stacy, baby sitting and watching cartoons. She is no where near as smart as lisa and may have a crush on milhouse but that is debatable.

Lisa Simpson

Lisa is a misunderstood intelligent 8 year old girl. She has an IG of 159 and the most inelligent member of the springfield MENSA. She is so smart when she was younger she used to cahnge her own diapers. However becuase of her high intelligence she is unpopular at school and has next to no friends. She is the middle simpson child and brother to bart simpson who she often has conflicts with.


Nelson is a regular bad boy. He is a very large child being bigger than most of the kids in springfield elementary. He often bullies people especilly martin prince but this is just to keep up his reputation at school. He like bart is an underachhiver and comes from a bad background. His dad left when he was young and his mom worker in hooters. Despite his tough exteroir he is a very sensitive person at heart and can be quite intelligent when he needs to be.

The popular jock: Bart

Weapon: Skateboard

The Fiesty female: Lisa

Weapon: Saxaphone

The Nice and Pretty one: Janey

Weapon: Malibu stacy

The Outsider: Nelson

Weapon: Bulling skills

The imaginative one: Ralph

Weapon: Wiggle puppy

The Femine Male: Milhouse

Weapon: Ball and cup toy

Battle against the cul-de-sac kids