Shenzi, Banzai and Ed
The hyenas


Helping scar take over pride rock

Term of service

The Lion King

Battle Status

On hold against The Kanker Sisters.

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed are the three hyeans from the lion king who help Scar kill Mufasa and take over pride rock.



Shenzi is the leader of the hyeans and is the only female. She is also the smartest of the three. She along with Banzai and ed scare the wilderbeast into stampedeing and killing mufasa. they try to kill simba but fail. They later try to kill timon and pumba but timon manages to distract them while the tunnel is constructed but proposing to Shenzi. She later over hears scar trying to shift the blame onto them and kills him along with the other hyeans.


Banzai is next in command after Shenzi. He is smarter than than ed but is still pretty stupid. Along with Shenzi and ed he often attacks the meerkat colony nearly killing timon's uncle max. He along with the other two hyenas makes the stampede and then chases simba off the pridelands and unfortunatly falls into a massive thron bush. He later hear scar shifting the blame to them and mauls him with the other hyenas.


Is the the bottom of the pack. He is incredibly stupid, rarley talks and his tounge always hangs out of his mouth. He along with Banzai and Shenzi start the wilderbeast stampede and later chase him out of the pride land intending to kill him but ed accidenlty pushes banzai into a large thorn bush and thye give up. He later over hears scar trying to shift the blame onto them and laughes manicly before mauling him with the other hyeans.

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