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Rafiki is a wise old baboon and close friend of mufasa.

In the original lion king he presents Simba to all the animals gathered at Pride Rock, and draws a stylized lion cub on the walls of his treehouse home to represent Simba's birth. When Simba runs away and his family believes him dead, Rafiki draws his paw across the Simba drawing, obscuring it in grief. Rafiki later determines that Simba is still alive and restores the drawing, adding the full mane of an adult lion. He approaches the young lion and teaches him a few lessons about learning from the past, not living in it. When Simba decides to return to Pride Rock and fight Scar for the kingship, Rafiki accompanies him, demonstrating his Kung fu skills in battle against the hyenas. At the end of the film, Rafiki raises Simba and Nala's new-born cub atop Pride Rock.

In the lion king 2 he helps nala and kovu get together by teaching them Upendi which means love in Swahili. He later looks away in shame when kovu is exiled. He later acts as the minister of kovu and nala's wedding.

It is revealed in the lion king 1/2 that he taught timon the meaning of hakuna matata and was the one who pursuaded timon to go and help timon and pumba in the fight against scar. Other than this however he plays a very small role.

Rafiki means friend in swahili and likes to paint. In the lion musical he was a female to add more female characters to the movie.


Weapon: His stick

Other weapons: Expert hand to hand combat

Battle against King loiue