Postman pat
Postman pat


Delivering post to the residents of green dale.

Term of service

Since 1981

Battle status

On hold against Bob the Builder.

Postman Pat is a fictional childrens t.v show character who lives in an english village called Greendale. He and his black and white cat Jess deliver parcels to the residents of Greendale. He often drives a red van, but in "Special Delivery Service" he has been seen using motorbikes and helicopters. His friends include the handyman/inventor Ted Glen, Mrs. Hubbert, Alf Thompson the farmer, Mrs. Goggins the Postmistress, and Sam Waldron.

Postman Pat
Weapon: None, He is called POSTMAN Pat for a reason.
Vehicle: His mailvan
Pet: Jess the cat
Human sidekick: Ted glen

Battle vs. Bob the Builder (by Wassboss)Edit