Mr. T, the bar bouncer who pities the fool Vs. Chuck Norris, the ultimate fighter

Mr. T
Mr. T
"I pity the fool!"


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Battle status

Defeated by Chuck Norris. Will Fight Mr Rogers

History Edit

Mr. T was born into a poor family. He worked as bar bouncer for a living, sometimes people he threw out left jewerlery in the bar, He kept the jewerlery and it gave him his image. In his later life, he became an actor

Battle vs. Chuck Norris (by Richard Starkey)Edit

Chuck Norris walks through a wasteland when he sees Mr. T flying at him and their fists collide making an explosion the size of the the moon.

Both get up, Mr. T puts on brass knuckles says "I Pity the Fool." and punches but chuck Norris deflects it with his awesomeness. Chuck then uppercuts Mr. T with his beard fist, launching him 80 feet in the air.

Mr. T looks up to see Chuck Norris's boot as he roundhouse kicks him.