Michael Scott
"Thats what she said!"


Pens, Coffee/Coffee Mug Throw, Staple Gun, and Minions


Manager of Dunder Mifflin



Battle Status:

Victorious over Cosmo Kramer.

About MichaelEdit

Michael is an idiot manager og a paper company called Dunder Mifflin. He has a poor sense of judgement and humor. He also only has two friends named Dwight Shrute and Todd Packer. After a few seasons the character moved away leavin Andy Bernard to be manager of DM.


Short range: Pen

Mid range: Coffee Mug Throw

Long range: Staple Gun

Minions: Dwight Shrute, Andy Bernard and Jim Halbert

  • Pen
  • Coffee Mug
  • Staple Gun
  • Dwight Shrute
  • Andy Bernard
  • Jim Halbert

Battle vs. Cosmo Kramer (by Thats random369)Edit

Michael, Dwight, Andy, Jim and Pam are having a staff meeting when Pam suddenly is hit in the head with a lamp, she drops dead. The office people turn around to see Kramer, Newman, Gorge and Jerry standing all armed with their weapons. Jim grabs Michaels coffee mug and slashes the hot coffee into Jerry's face temporarelly blinding him. Michael then stabs Jerry in the eye, it peirces his brain, killing him instantly. Kramer then shoots Jim in between the eyes with a potatoe gun, knocking him unconsious. Michael thinking he is dead orders Dwight to throw him out a window. Dwight throws him into the sidewalk killing him. Michael throws his coffee mug at Gorge, but it misses, Dwight shoots Gorge in the forehead with a staple gun, killing him. Kramer yells in anger and shoots Andy in his manly area. As Andy falls to the ground, Newman burns his throat, killing him. Dwight shoots Newman in the heart with the staple gun, he grabs his chest and falls dead. Kramer throws another lamp, this time at Dwight it hits him and kills him. Michael then charges Kramer, knocking of his feet. He then stabs him with the pen in the neck, as Kramer gasps for air Michael then throws him out the window Breaking his neck.