El Fua
El Fua
The FUA means when you extract the character/discipline from your stomach and you say, “I will do it". “But I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”. How can you not? FUA! FUA! And then I take out the charater and I take out the strength and power as well. That is the Fua.


Drunken ramblings/teaching people the wonders of Fua

Term of Service

June, 2011 - Present

Battle Status

Will fight Weasel River Guy

Most people dismiss so-called "New Age" therapies as just a new fad that will quickly pass away. However, one man on the streets of Mexico has taken it upon himself to teach the world about a spirtual energy called "the Fua". Although he may appear to be a homeless drunk, and his teachings initally appear to be nothing but ramblings, the only thing he is truly intoxicated on is his newfound power.

Shambling along the streets at night, El Fua appears to have no audience. In truth, on the World Wide Web, he is a legend, and he has attracted many followers. Time will only tell how the teachings of El Fua will change the world.


Weapons Beer bottles, garbage
Powers The Fua, a spirtual energy that allows its user to see the future, bring the dead back to life, and possibly many other uses.

thumb|300px|right|The Gospel of El Fua