In general, a battle must be written in blog format. This allows users the chance to criticize/offer their opinions about the warrior. Battles written on a page will be deleted after a span of 1-2 days at the discretion of the administrator to give the user a chance to move the information. Do not have unfair match-ups. If the general audience or administrators agree that the battle is unfair, it will be deleted, ie. Spongebob Squarepants vs. Abraham Lincoln.


Any characters posted by the user in a battle will be considered not an actual warrior. If a user discovers that a character is truly a warrior, ex. Spartan, then all battles/articles relating to that character will be deleted immediately.

Prohbited characters include any character that meets the Deadliest Fiction Wiki's definition of a warrior.


For the AuthorEdit

Users must have voting periods of a minimum of three days before closing their battles. Disregarding the valid votes of the audience toward a particular warrior is not allowed. The author of the battle will be issued a warning. After three warnings, the author is expected to follow the rules. However, if the author continues to disregard the votes, then he will be blocked for a month and will not be allowed to write a battle/blog post for two weeks after the block has been terminated. For battles that have ended in a tie, the author can:

  • a.) Choose which character will be the victor
  • b.) Extend the voting period
  • c.) End the battle in a tie, so that both characters are victors

For the Voter/AudienceEdit

If you are going to vote, please use the voting method the author provides and states you should use. If voting in comments, you are not required to provide any good or strong reasons, as battles here aren't very logical in the first place, and this is a rather informal wiki. Although detailed votes are not against the rules. Creating multiple accounts to vote for one character more than once in a battle, or "sock-puppeting" is strictly prohibited. Doing so once will result in all alternate accounts being permanently blocked, and the main user given a 45-day block. Twice will result in the same but with the main user being given a 100-day block. And after the third time, the sock-puppets, along with the sock-puppeteer, will be permanently blocked.